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Current Legislative Bills


AB-2943 Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts

This bill would include, as an unlawful practice prohibited under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with
an individual. The bill would also declare the intent of the Legislature in this regard. Equality California is cosponsoring this bill with the Trevor Project.

AB-2119 Foster care: gender affirming health care and behavioral health services

 The bill would prohibit a licensed professional, or any other individual, from subjecting a foster child or nonminor dependent to any treatment, intervention, or conduct that seeks to change the foster child’s or nonminor dependent’s gender identity. The bill would require the State Department of Social Services to adopt regulations to implement these provisions on or before January 1, 2020. The bill would also include a statement of legislative findings and declarations. Equality California is cosponsoring this bill along with the ACLU of California, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Lambda Legal, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

AB-2153 Teachers: in-service training: LGBTQQ pupil resources

 This bill would require, within the first six weeks of every school year, each school operated by a school district or county office of education and each charter school to provide in-service training to teachers of pupils in grades 7 to 12, inclusive, and to all other certificated employees at that school, on schoolsite and community resources for the support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) pupils as well as strategies to increase support for LGBTQ pupils and thereby improve overall school climate, as specified. By imposing additional duties on local educational agencies, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

SB-918 Homeless Youth Act of 2018

 SB 918 will establish $60 million in grants for housing, services and supports for youth experiencing homelessness and create the Office of Homeless Youth within the California Department of Housing and Community Development to oversee them. This bill will invest in low-barrier and diverse housing opportunities, so each county can have an array of options for youth to escape homelessness. SB 918 also requires that participating programs be safe, inclusive, non-stigmatizing, and culturally competent to address the epidemic of LGBTQ youth homelessness. Equality California is cosponsoring this bill with California Coalition for Youth, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, Housing California, John Burton Advocates for Youth, and Tipping Point.

AB-2719 Aging


Existing law requires the California Department of Aging to administer the federal Older American’s Act in California and the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act, and imposes various functions and duties on the department with respect to the administration and development of programs for older individuals. Existing law requires the department, in allocating specified state and federal funding to older individuals, to ensure that priority consideration is given to elderly individuals identified as in greatest economic or social need. Existing law defines “greatest social need” for purposes of the act to mean the need caused by noneconomic factors, that include physical and mental disabilities, language barriers, cultural or social isolation, including that caused by racial and ethnic status, that restrict an individual’s ability to perform normal daily tasks or that threaten his or her capacity to live independently.

This bill would revise this definition to include cultural or social isolation caused by sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

AB-2639 Pupil suicide prevention policies: evidence-based online training


Existing law requires the governing board or body of a local educational agency that serves pupils in grades 7 to 12, inclusive, to, before the beginning of the 2017–18 school year, adopt a policy on pupil suicide prevention, as specified, that specifically addresses the needs of high-risk groups. Existing law requires the policy to address any training to be provided to teachers of pupils in grades 7 to 12, inclusive, on suicide awareness and prevention.

This bill would require the State Department of Education to identify one or more evidence-based online training programs that a local educational agency, as defined, can use to train school staff and pupils as part of the local educational agency’s policy on pupil suicide prevention. The bill would require the department to provide a grant to a county office of education to acquire and disseminate a training program identified by the department to local educational agencies at no cost. The bill would make its requirements contingent on funds being appropriated in the annual Budget Act or another statute for its purposes.


AB-2663 Property taxation: change in ownership: exclusion: local registered domestic partners

 This bill would provide retroactive relief to individuals who were registered as domestic partners in municipal jurisdictions and may have had their property taxes increased due to the death of a partner. AB 2663 seeks to bring equity to locally registered domestic partners who may not have registered with the state during a certain time period and ensure they can continue to afford their homes.

AB-1985 Hate crimes: law enforcement policies [PASSED]


This bill would clarify that a disability is protected under the law regardless of whether it is temporary, permanent, congenital, or acquired by heredity, accident, injury, advanced age, or illness. The bill would also require any local law enforcement agency that updates an existing hate crime policy or adopts a new hate crime policy to include, among other things, the model policy framework developed by POST and information regarding bias motivation. The bill would allow a local law enforcement agency that updates an existing hate crime policy or adopts a new hate crime policy to include any of the provisions of a model hate crime policy and other relevant documents developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Equality California is cosponsoring this bill with The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy in California.

SCR-110 Sex characteristics

 This measure would, among other things, call upon stakeholders in the health professions to protect children born with variations of sex characteristics from nonconsensual, medically unnecessary surgeries. Equality California is cosponsoring this resolution with interACT.

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